Wednesday, August 27, 2014

27th Aug. Remake 作り直しだぞ

8月27日 作り直しだぞ

It’s getting cooler lately.

One of teachers who came to my school this school year showed her special ability.

We had the whole school meeting and enjoyed scissors-paper-rock game.

After school I remade the running track. We need 200m track and present one was about 160m, so I calculated an equation and managed to make a new track.
200=42+42+(22+2X)×3.14 X=7.5m 直線が42m、カーブの直径が22mが以前のトラック。そこから何m外側に線を引いたら200mトラックになるかの計算・・・合ってますよねぇ??

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