Saturday, August 16, 2014

16th Aug. My Former Student 教え子だぞ

My Former Student
8月16日 教え子だぞ

I put my super EVERY in a car dealer for periodical checkup.

I was supposed to go to Shinjuku, Tokyo, by highway bus. Due to a terrible traffic jam, I got off at Hachiouji

and took a local bus and train, then…

At last I got to my final destination. Oh Manu~. She was my former student in Tonga at TIOE, teacher training school. This time she participates in the abacus camp as a representative of Tongan teacher with Semisi who won the national abacus competition in Tonga. Welcome to Japan. I am really proud of you.

Kimika is working in Ha’apai Island with Manu after she graduated TIOE. Have a good abacus training camp and enjoy Japan!

I stayed in the Internet café as usual. It’s very comfortable and cheap.

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