Saturday, December 31, 2011

31st Dec. The Last Day Of The Year

The Last Day Of The Year
12月31日 大晦日だぞ

It was the last day of the year, so I went skiing at Kashimayari as usual. On the way, I saw this sign. Oh, the temperature was minus 9 degrees, so my ski field must have been colder than here.

It was very fine today so…

I could see the lake Aoki and Mt. Togakushi clearly.

On the way back to my house, I bought some food (a salmon, salmon roe and tuna) for the New Year.

I made buckwheat noodles, soba, and its soup for the New Year. When the New Year’s Eve we eat buckwheat noodles in Japan. It’s our custom.

Have a happy New Year!
Toki sio!

Friday, December 30, 2011

30th Dec. Year-End Cleaning

Year-End Cleaning
12月30日 大掃除だぞ

This is a Torojiro’s way of cleaning. First, put a detergent on the bathroom wall and then…

Spray a wall with water by this machine Pressure Washer”
[Movie] Cleaning動画:(19sec)

Because the pressure was so strong, I broke some tiles. Darm!!

Spray my own car with water by the pressure washer. This machine is very convenient but the only one problem is I get wet a lot, hahaha!
[Movie] Cleaning動画:(5sec)

I remodeled my car for my ski. I made a shelf in my car. I can put my skies on the first floor, and can put ski gears on the second floor.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

29th Dec. Fat Ski

Fat Ski
12月29日 ファットスキーだぞ

I visited Kashimayari as usual. Almost all of the chair lifts have started working. That’s great!

I bought this ski called “fat ski” in 2008 before Tonga but we didn’t have enough snow for the fat ski at that time. I enjoyed it a little bit today. Fat ski means very wide ski for a deep snow. Hopefully there will be a great many snows in this winter season.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

28th Dec. Making a film

Making a film
12月28日 撮影だぞ

I went skiing at Kashimayari with Masashi who was my classmate of our university in Nagano city and he is now working in Saitama prefecture. We took our movies with each other by my digital camera’s movie function. I have not watched my ski movement more than 2 years because I was in Tonga.
 Although my movement is so far from demonstrators’ movement in DVD, I would like to improve my ski.
[Movie] Kashimayari Ski動画:(20sec, 19sec, 24sec)

I came down this course (in the middle). The inclination of the course is nearly 30 degrees and it’s not flat (there are a lot of bumps…). In general, the movement in a movie looks slower than real movement but actually my movement is very slow compared with professional skiers and I’m scared of bumps and speed now…oh…I need more practice and I have to recover from my 2 year-blank as possible I can. Please teach me how to ski.
 [Movie] Kashimayari Ski動画:(29sec)

Masashi stayed 1 night in my house. I made my special mabo-tofu for him and we had a good dinner party. We talked and drank beers a lot.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

27th Dec. I finished working this year.

I finished working this year.
12月27日 仕事おさめだぞ

I finished working this year. We will have a school break until 10th Jan. Have a happy New Year!
After school, we had a year-end party. By way of entertainment, we had our school’s quiz of this year and I took charge of a master of this quiz. At the beginning, I spoke Tongan language but of course no one understood it.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

25th Dec. Heavy Snow

Heavy Snow
12月25日 大雪だぞ

It was snowing all day long. The roads were freezing but my studless tire is working very well.

The third chair lift started working today. The lift leads to the top so I can ski at the very steep course at last. There is a lot of fresh snow.

At the end of today’s ski, I snowboarded a little bit. I went on a very deep fresh snow. I have not done snowboarding for 3 years but I managed to do it. Unfortunately I don’t like snowboard, maybe because I’m not good at snowboarding. I have only level 1 skill.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

24th Dec. Christmas

12月24日 クリスマスだぞ

It was the Christmas day today so… I made my special onion soup. It was delicious and was easy to cook.

I was in my house almost all day long. I was writing my blog. I completed the article “Rare YAMANEKO”. I made a lot of special edition YAMANEKO dolls in Tonga. Please access below and then, jump to the previous page.

In the evening, I made my special Mabo-tofu and bought herring roe.

We usually eat herring roe in the New Year. I can say I prepared for the New Year today.

At night, I enjoyed chatting with my friend, but suddenly the Internet cut off. Oh man!

Friday, December 23, 2011

23rd Dec. Skiing

12月23日 スキーだぞ

I went skiing at Kashimayari. The second chair lift was working. There are more than 10 lifts so I hope all lifts will be available soon. Snowy mountains fascinate me.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

22nd Dec. Skating

12月22日 スケートだぞ

We went skating to M-wave skating rink in Nagano city. M-wave is the place where the speed skate race of the Winter Olympic Games in 1998 was held.
 My students were good at slipping and falling down. I took a lot of photos of the students who fell down. Anyway, we enjoyed skating.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

21st Dec. I gave YAMANEKO dolls.

I gave YAMANEKO dolls
12月21日 山ネコをあげたぞ

They were classified in each district and were talking about a winter school break which starts next week (28 Dec). Class 6 students presided the meeting and confirmed the schedules. I hope all of them will spend their winter vacation safely.

After school, I gave No.345 YAMANEKO to Haruno, and gave No.346 YAMANEKO to Takao. They are in charge of the class 2 students. Although they try to read my articles about Tonga, include YAMANEKO contents, perhaps they will not be able to do it, because my blog has more than 700 articles and Japanese teachers are very busy with working, especially Torojiro. Haha!

Yet, Torojiro is very kind teacher so I’ll give you an information about these YAMANEKO articles. Why don’t you access here.

山ネコについて 「山ネコとは?」
山ネコについて 「山ネコの数と出かけた場所」
山ネコについて 「山ネコ豆知識Q&A」
山ネコについて 「レアな山ネコ」
山ネコについて 「心に余裕と安らぎを与える山ネコ?」
山ネコについて番外編 「山ネコ大明神の作り方」

Sunday, December 18, 2011

18th Dec. Housework

12月18日 家事だぞ

I didn’t go skiing because my ski field Kashimayari is not open entirely now so I washed my normal tires instead. It will be in my house storeroom until next April.

In the afternoon, I went shopping to buy warm pants for the winter especially for a skating next Thursday. I bought two pants.

Following that, I bought rice. Though Azumino city’s rice (my place) is cheaper, I chose this rice which is made in Miyagi prefecture. Miyagi is the place where the earthquake and tsunami hit in March this year. The farmers around the tsunami area are trying to recover from its damage.

I made curry & rice from scratch. It was delicious.

By the way, I’m using a very old mobile phone called docomo mova. The service is almost over (until next March) so the company docomo is encouraging me to change it to a new one, but I will not change it, because I want to use it until it finishes. Even if my mobile phone is old-fashioned, I don’t feel inconvenience because all outdated equipments in Japan are much better than Tongan life. I don’t want to forget good Tongan memories.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

17th Dec. Studless Tire

Studless Tire
12月17日 スタッドレスタイヤだぞ

I changed normal tires to studless tires (snow tires).

Immediately I went skiing at Kashimayari. It takes me 40 minutes to get there and I have a season ticket.

Though Shiga-Kogen has enough snow, Kashimayari doesn’t. Now only 1 chair lift and 1 course are available. A lot of people were waiting their turn, and the course was so crowded.
 After an hour, I finished skiing and went to a spa which is located next to the ski field.

On the way back to my house, I went shopping and bought a lot of seasoning. Of course, Japanese shops have plenty of seasonings which I couldn’t buy in Tonga. I’m very glad to find them.

I made stir-fried vegetables. I didn’t made it in Tonga, so maybe I have not made it for 10 years but it was delicious. I may be good at cooking.

At gymnasium in my school, I skated with my roller boots. I am supposed to go skating with my kids next Thursday so I practiced. Although I haven’t gone skating more than 6 years I must be able to do it because I practiced hard today.

Friday, December 16, 2011

16th Dec. YAMANEKO from Korea

YAMANEKO from Korea
12月16日 韓国山ネコだぞ

YAMANEKO photos have come from overseas. Thank you so much! This time it came from South Korea.

From Marie who was an American Peace Corps volunteer in Tonga (Eastern District) 
16th Dec. 2011
 She has been my close friend since we were in Tonga. She belonged to the American Peace Corps volunteer, same group as Melissa, and finished her work some days ago. Thank you for your trouble over the last two years. On the way back to the US, she visited South Korea to visit her roommate from university in Virginia and sent me very nice YAMANEKO photos. Thank you Marie!
 This is the article when I gave her YAMANEKO on 8 May. 2010. Oh time flies…

The scenery of Seoul and its symbol Namsan Tower (Seoul Tower).

The other YAMANEKOs.