Tuesday, January 31, 2012

31st Jan. Soroban girls' YAMANEKOs came to school.

Soroban girls' YAMANEKOs came to school.
1月31日 そろばんガールズ山ネコが学校へ来たぞ

I heard the news that the suwa lake, which is the biggest lake in Nagano prefecture, has frozen over because of the cold this winter so it’s easy that my school’s swimming pool freezes over.   

We put this fountain. It’s prevent the swimming pool from freezing over.


The special YAMANEKOs, which soroban girls made, came to my school today. I displayed it next to students’ YAMANEKOs. That’s the article that soroban girls gave them to me.

My students are very interested in soroban girls’ YAMANEKOs. “Welcome to our school!”

Monday, January 30, 2012

30th Jan. It may be cold in my room.

It may be cold in my room.
1月30日 Torojiro先生の部屋は寒いかも・・・だぞ

Recently, the temperature in my room becomes 0 to 4 . The temperature outside was minus 10 today. It’s getting colder every day.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

29th Jan. Long turn on bumpy courses

Long turn on  bumpy courses
1月29日 コブ大回りだぞ

The temperature was minus 13 this morning.

I went skiing at Kashimayari with Mr. Namiki who used to be a member of Asahi ski club. After he got the level 1 test, he rarely goes skiing, so today I made him try to improve his ski level.

We recorded our movies with each other. I practiced long turn on bumpy courses (It’s dangerous a little bit so I cannot recommend you to do it). I’m changing my images of my short turn now, and my long turn is getting better. I’d like to be a good skier.
[Movie] Kashimayari動画
(1) http://youtu.be/ON0bwt6q-eI    5167 (26)sec long
(2) http://youtu.be/py9SZMRR0KQ  5170 (22)sec short
(3) http://youtu.be/D6WaOiN8G0w  5171 (24)sec short
(4) http://youtu.be/p-EIlf8Q4Kg     5179 (19)sec short
(5) http://youtu.be/63l3Rv-DZHM   5174 (26)sec bumpy course
(6) http://youtu.be/KG1GpjZkSdA   5178 (52)sec bumpy course

After a long time away, I went to a convenience store to buy oden, a Japanese dish containing all kinds of ingredients cooked in a special broth of soy sauce, sugar, sake, etc. It was delicious.

Following that, I visited Mr. Namiki’s house which was built in 2009 (just before I departed Japan). It’s very nice house but he lives here alone, he should find a wife, though I am in the same situation.

We ate kimchi from the pan and drink beer a lot. We had a very good time. By the way, he built his house very close to my house. It takes me less than 10 minutes to get there by bicycle.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

28th Jan. Icy Clothes

Icy Clothes
1月28日 氷の服たぞ

I forgot to take off my washing yesterday. It became icy clothes. Darn!

People say that we have a lot of snow this year in Japan and a great many people, especially in Tokyo, slipped and fell down because of snowy road. That’s silly, there is no one who slipped on snowy place. Compared with Nagano prefecture, I can say, Tokyo has completely no snow this year. 4 cm snow is the same as no snow. 

I practiced a short turn skill a lot today.

Friday, January 27, 2012

27th Jan. We made YAMANEKO dolls in my class.

We made YAMANEKO dolls in my class.
1月27日 授業で山ネコを作ったぞ

At last, I taught how to make YAMANEKO doll to my students as the art class. YAMANEKO makes us happy. Primary students are creative and clever with their hand.
 I have completely adjusted myself to my Japanese life as a teacher, I’m doing well. Thank you.
Extra Photos もっと写真を見たい方↓

Oh, I forgot to show the special YAMANEKOs, which are made by soroban girls, to my students. Maybe next time…

Thursday, January 26, 2012

26th Jan. Tomorrow will be…

Tomorrow will be…
1月26日 明日は・・・だぞ

We enjoyed snowball fight. They always aim their snowball at me.

I gave No. 347 YAMANEKO doll to Mari and gave No. 348 to Masashi. We are in charge of the class 3 students. (Though I gave them on 6 Jan. We took a photo today.)

Tomorrow, we will make YAMANEKO doll in my class at last. I can’t wait!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

25th Jan. YAMANEKO, made of folding paper

YAMANEKO, made of folding paper
1月25日 折り紙山ネコだぞ

As a recreation in my class, we enjoyed a bingo game. As a gift of the game, I made the YAMANEKO face with folding paper. The first student, who got bingo, took it.

I got this crane. Japanese students are very clever with their hands.

After work, I went to Ryouga, Chinese noodles restaurant, after a long time away. I ordered Miso & Garlic noodles as usual.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

22nd Jan. World Cup

World Cup
1月22日 ワールドカップだぞ

I went to Kashimayari as usual and then I saw Mr. Tetsuya Okabe, who used to be a member of an Olympic World Cup. Before the giant slalom race, he took charge of a demonstrator (he showed his skiing). He is the third skier in this movie.
[Movie] Tetsuya Okabe, the third skier動画:(97 sec)

Though we could see the Mt. Kashimayari clearly,

it was foggy today.

In this case, Can I say I am above a cloud? Please tell me Dr. Etsutarou.

I made curry and rice from scratch but I have to increase my recipe otherwise I cannot be a genius at cooking.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

21st Jan. KAMIYUKI

1月21日 上雪だぞ

I arrived at Kashimayari ski field before the chair lifts started working, because we had a lot of snow in Azumino city so there must have been a deep snow in Kashimayari. In Nagano, the northern part (Kashimayari belongs to the north) has a lot of snow so when the southern part and the central part (Azumino belongs to the central) have snow; the northern part must have more snow. I was excited at that time, but actually there was less snow…
 When a low pressure zone comes from the Pacific Ocean, sometimes it happens. We call the situation “KAMIYUKI”. The word is Nagano’s dialect.

Because I cannot enjoy deep and fresh snow, I skied down a path through a forest after a long time away. Though the course is narrow and not steep, it was good for my practice.

In summer the course is a path through a forest for cars. Can you see a mirror and traffic sign? After ski, I took a bath for 100 yen (less than US$1) thanks to my season lift ticket. My weekend in winter is luxurious.

I cooked dinner myself. I’m starting to be a good cook.

Friday, January 20, 2012

20th Jan. Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight
1月20日 雪合戦だぞ

It was raining all day long. Snowing, especially on Friday, makes me happy, because next day I can go skiing.

I enjoyed snowball fight with my students. They were wearing short-sleeved shirt and short pants. They are very vigorous. I’m wearing only a long-sleeved jersey and long pants, I don’t wear a windbreaker. Compared with the other teachers, I’m lightly dressed and I came back from Tonga, which belongs to the subtropical zone, so I’m making an effort to adjust myself to Nagano prefecture’s winter.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

19th Jan. Almost all of my students

Almost all of my students
1月19日 ほぼ全員だぞ

Today, almost all of my students succeeded to jump with two long ropes, “Double Dutch”. Next time, it’s sure; all of my students will be able to make it.
 Though there are a lot of my strategies and a secret training, they seemed to be satisfied with today’s result.
[Movie] Double Dutch my strategy動画:(41 sec)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

15th Jan. Ski Lesson

Ski Lesson
1月15日 講習だぞ

I took a ski lesson because I’m poor at skiing. A special instructor called demonstrator taught me how to improve my ski level. The lesson was more expensive than usual lesson but I succeeded to change my feeling a little bit.

After skiing, I made stir-fried vegetable. Although my life in Japan is much busier than Tongan life, I’d like to cook my meal as possible I can. In addition, I found that I’m updating my blog almost every day recently. Am I a man of leisure?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

14th Jan. A lot of Bumps

A lot of Bumps
1月14日 コブコブだぞ

I received my ski (after tuning up) from Mr. Konishi and went to Kashimayari. My ski is working well because its edges are very sharp now. It takes 7,000 yen (US$77) to tuning up but it’s not so expensive because I bought my ski for 100,000 yen (US$ 1100). This chair lift leads to the top of Kashimayari ski field. The highest course is very steep and has a lot of bumps.

Skiing on a bumpy course with taping movies is dangerous so you had better not to do it. Anyway, this course makes me very hot.
[Movie] Skiing on a bumpy course動画:(25 sec, 27 sec, 52 sec, 68 sec)
(1) http://youtu.be/n1JWIebpxyQ

This chair lift used to be a connecting line to Aokiko ski field, next to Kashimayari, but (I guess) because of an economic depression it finished while I was in Tonga. Oh man…

Thursday, January 12, 2012

13th Jan. Double Dutch

Double Dutch
1月13日 ダブルダッチだぞ

It was very hard for my students (8 or 9 years old) to operate two long jump ropes, so I made device. To turn two ropes at the same time, 4 students cooperate with each other. This is my strategy.
[Movie] Double Dutch my strategy動画:(9 sec)

I like a school lunch very much.