Saturday, March 31, 2012

31st Mar. Avalanche & The Final Day

Avalanche & The Final Day
3月31日 雪崩と最後の日だぞ

There was an avalanche in my school. One of my colleagues was caught in the avalanche, so I rescued him from early morning.

After 4 hours, the corridor, which was caught in a huge load, was restored and of course he was safe. Though there were huge loads, the situation was not so serious because I experienced more serious colleagues’ situations in Tonga and if Tongan volunteers miss the airplane, it wastes 150,000 yen (US$1,700) and he or she cannot come back to Japan. There was no hurry today, and he can move to the next school safely. No problem! Thank you for your trouble over the last 6 years in Azumino.

In return, I got these expensive garlic which is made in Aomori prefecture in Japan. Ordinarily I cannot buy it because it costs nearly 200 yen (US$22) for each bulb.

I usually buy this one which is made in China. It costs only 200 yen for a sack. I can make a luxurious meal thanks to the Aomori garlic.

After that, I was invited to a restaurant where all we can eat for a flat sum. We ate sushi and grilled slices of meat (yakiniku) all we wanted. Thank you so much.
 I forgot to take a photo maybe because I concentrated on eating food.

By the way, my latest mobile phone service “docomo mova” has finished today. Oh man! I used this mobile for 7 years even I was in Tonga (as an alarm clock). Around midnight it lost its function because the docomo company stopped the service. I cannot use my mobile temporarily so I have to buy a new one perhaps tomorrow.

 When it stopped working…   Good-bye mova! I’ll never forget you.
[Movie] the last docomo mova動画:(131 sec, 54 sec, 15 sec, 13 sec)

One news paper said, there were still 200,000 people all over Japan, who belonged to the service (docomo mova), so I was not so rare. Although we have a population of about 120,000,000.

Torojiro先生の最新型携帯movaの記事 Articles of my docomo mova

Friday, March 30, 2012

30th Mar. We are back!

We are back!
3月30日 帰ったぞ

We are back from a public hall. For the time being YAMANEKOs will be on my desk in a staff room.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

29th Mar. Very Hot

Very Hot
3月29日 とても暑いぞ

It snowed a lot last night. It will be the last snowfall I guess because March is almost over and spring is coming.

How beautiful the scenery is!

I saw Kashimayari mountain clearly.

Thanks to a high temperature, the snow condition was very damp. It’s very hard to overcome but I really like damp snow.

I enjoyed a teelemark ski a little bit. We need to make balance so it’s good as ski training.

On the way back, I saw the car which has my birthday No. (29 Apr.) Wow!

After that, I saw this thermometer (14).

I remembered that on 29 January, the thermometer showed us minus 13 . We can experience nearly 30 difference within 2 months in Nagano. Amazing!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

27th Mar. Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool
3月27日 プールだぞ

This is a swimming pool of my school.

I’m supposed to take over a lot of job, maybe because I was playing wildly in Tonga. One of the important jobs must be the chief of P.E subject. I handed over it when I left for Tonga in 2009, but it comes back to me. Oh my goodness.
 The chief of P.E has to arrange everything which is related to P.E, especially a swimming pool, school grounds, equipments, sports day and so on. It’s sure I will be busy but will do my best.
 By the way, I belonged to the Ministry of Education as an abacus officer in Tonga not as a P.E volunteer.

I took this photo from a gymnasium. When it’s fine, we can see a mountain range covered with snow. I love Azumino. Although there is the moss-covered swimming pool, how beautiful the scenery is!

Monday, March 26, 2012

26th Mar. I've finished cleaning.

I've finished cleaning.
3月26日 掃除が終わったぞ

My class room has been prepared for the next students.

I cleaned up 110 students’ shoe shelves.

After work, I enjoyed inline skating with Takao and Haruno. I believe that it’s good for skiing and ice skating.

Around 10:30 PM I started working again with Takao. We made a planning book of this school year (bookbinding) and it took us more than 3 hours. We worked a lot. This is Japan!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

25th Mar. Huge Snow

Huge Snow
3月25日 雪いっぱいだぞ

Although this winter season is almost over, we still have a huge snow. Yet my place Nagano is used to an accumulation of snow so we don’t care about it.

It was snowing all day long. I could enjoy skiing and snowboarding. There is a lot of deep snow.

I made cream pasta to use a mushroom but when just before I added it to a pan, I found that it got moldy. Darm!

Friday, March 23, 2012

23rd Mar. Preparation for the new school year

Preparation for the new school year
3月23日 新年度準備だぞ

I tidied up my class room. I’ve almost finished it but I have another place to clean up, my desk in a staff room, my house and so on. Oh man!

Around noon, all of the teachers gathered and ate curry and rice. It may be the last time all the teachers, who were working for the former school year, came together. Though it’s spring vacation (semester break) now, we have a lot of things to prepare for the new school year. Japanese teachers should follow Tongan way, eating,sleeping,rest…and then, eating,sleeping, rest…finally, eating, sleeping, rest…

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

21st Mar. I’d like to fly again.

I’d like to fly again.
3月21日 また空を飛びたいぞ~

I saw a doctor to take a complete medical checkup. It was my first time to have my stomach examined with a gastro camera. It’s scary. My result seems to be very good. Compared with Tonga, living in Japan is easy for my body, although it’s very fast!

After the medical checkup, t school, I let Doraemon fly at school with Takao, Haruno, Tomoko and Maki. Doraemon is the most famous TV character in Japan. He can fly in his an animated film. Haruno is good at operating Doraemon, but it’s reckless a little bit. Oh my goodness!
[Movie] Flying Doraemon動画:(50 sec)

This is my favorite toy “Toru-chan doll”. It can fly thanks to helium gas. I bought this toy to look back upon my amazing experience in Hokkaido prefecture.

I’ve flown in the sky like this doll. If you have interest, please access to the next URL. I recorded the video myself from the sky.
[Movie] Motor Paraglider動画:( 44 sec, 17 sec, )

[Movie] Paraglider動画:( 24 sec, 20 sec, 26 sec, 20 sec, 16 sec)

Next movies were taped by an acquaintance from the ground. You must confirm it’s completely the same as Toru-chan doll. I want to fly again…
[Movie] Paraglider動画:( 17min, 17min, 17min, 5min)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

20th Mar. Set You On Fire

Set You On Fire
3月20日 火を吹くぞ~

I made Gyu-don, a bowl of rice topped with cooked beef and vegetables.  

Gyu-don and this spices called Yawataya isogorou go together well. Yawataya isogorou is one of famous products in Nagano prefecture. It has some flavors I like normal one, but I have extra flavors.

This is the spiciest flavor ‘Bird Eye’. Of course it’s very hot. Even Nagano residents don’t know well, and only the main store in Nagano city sells it. You should taste it!

Monday, March 19, 2012

19th Mar. After a long time away

After a long time away
3月19日 久し振りに・・・だぞ

I could go skiing on weekday after a long time away, because it was a Monday makeup holiday of a graduation ceremony. Kashimayari snow field was not crowded like a holiday.

After skiing, I enjoyed snowboarding a little bit. Because I forgot my camera in my house, I took pictures with my mobile phone’s camera function. My finger disturbed the picture, maybe because I’m not used to using mobile function or my mobile phone is so old.

I made Okonomi-yaki, a meat and vegetable pancake, at dinner. My home prefecture, Osaka, is famous for Okonomi-yaki.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

17th Mar. Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony
3月17日 卒業式だぞ

I participated in my school’s graduation ceremony. They were the class 3 students when I left for Tonga, today they graduated our school. Oh time has passed so quickly.
 Unfortunately I couldn’t see the ceremony well, because I was in charge of sound effects so I was in a radio studio almost all the time, but I heard some of students’ name which I know.
 Congratulations on your graduate, I hope you have good luck at a junior high school.

Recently, I have been making YAMANEKO dolls because some of my colleagues are leaving soon. They have to move to the other school or have to retire.

I gave No.353 YAMANEKO to Rachel who taught us English mainly in the junior high school in the next-door.
 Thank you for your trouble over the last three and a half years. We really appreciate your help.

I gave No.354 YAMANEKO to Maki, and No.355 YAMANEKO to Tomoko. They were working for the students who cannot join their home class because of some trouble. They will move to the places nearby Azumino, so we can meet again some days later.