Saturday, October 29, 2011

29th Oct. Matsumoto City

Matsumoto City
10月29日 松本市だぞ

I went for a walk by car and bicycle. Matsumoto is the second biggest city in Nagano prefecture. It takes 30 minutes by car from my house in Azumino.

I like this place Koubouyama Kofun (an ancient tomb) in particular. We can look out the Matsumoto Basin.

These mountains has 2,000m – 3,000m high. These are getting white now. Oh, winter is coming!

Friday, October 28, 2011

28th Oct. Music Festival

Music Festival
10月28日 音楽会だぞ

We finished a music festival. Though it was the first big school’s event for me after I came back from Tonga, thanks to my students’ help I stuck it out.
 Kids are vigorous anywhere in the world.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

23rd Oct. Komagane City

Komagane City
10月23日 駒ヶ根市だぞ

I visited Komagane city after a long time away, because my volunteer friend Dr. Etsu, who was a volunteer in Sri Lanka, called me. He lives in Yamagata prefecture so if I miss this opportunity I may not be able to meet him for the time being. I was in Saku city, where I used to live, yesterday because I had a drinking party with my previous school’s teachers. Saku is located 80 km away from my house (Azumio), and Komagane is very far from Saku (100 km). I was tired from driving my car. Yet I was happy because we made sure that we came back from our host countries and all of us are fine.

I looked back upon my life in 2009 when I was taking a JICA training in Komagane. About 200 volunteer came together and studied our host countries’ language.

This is Kozenji Temple which is located close to Komagane Training Center (KTC).

I came here, Bell Shine supermarket, a lot, but I didn’t know it has a lookout point.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

16th Oct. Azumino City & Season Ticket

Azumino City & Season Ticket
10月16日 安曇野市とシーズン券だぞ

I visited Daiou Wasabi Nouen (Japanese horseradish farm) after a long time away. This is one of the famous sightseeing points in my town Azumino city.
 Japanese horseradish needs very pure water to grow up well. It means Azumino city has a very beautiful environment.


A lot of TV producers choose my city as the place of a drama. Maybe because, my city is very beautiful.
 Although I don’t know this drama well (because I was in Tonga, when the producer came), please come to my city.

I’ve already bought the season ticket for my ski. It cost 25,000 yen (US$300) and once we buy the ticket, we can go to the ski field anytime we want during the season and we don’t need an extra money. I can’t wait.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

15th Oct. Colored Leaves

Colored Leaves
10月15日 紅葉だぞ

Now in Nagano, the leaves in mountains are turning red.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

5th Oct. I’ve already started working in Japan.

I’ve already started working in Japan.
10月5日 働いているぞ

I’ve started working since the first week of October with 27 students as a class room teacher. My class 3 students are funny and cute.
 I can work at the same school, which I belonged to before Tonga, so hopefully I can become used to the atmosphere soon.