Tuesday, August 19, 2014

19th Aug. Opening Ceremony, 32 YAMANEKO Photos 始業式・32枚の山ネコ写真だぞ

Opening Ceremony, 32 YAMANEKO Photos
8月19日 始業式・32枚の山ネコ写真だぞ

YAMANEKO photos have come from all parts of the world. Thank you so much! This time it came from all over Japan at the same time.



From Yoshihiro in Osakaa.  19th Aug.2014
Yoshihiro, who is my old friend since we are primary school, traveled Japan from the south part, Kyushu, to the north part Hokkaido by local train with YAMANEKO. He seems to take YAMANEKO photos every time he stopped at the famous place. Thank you for sending me these amazing photos.

We had an opening ceremony today. Some representative students told us their goal of the new school term.

The chorus club received the certificate they got on 1st August and

sang the song.

Let’s enjoyed the second term. Do our best!

After school, I measured the distance for the marathon competition in autumn.

I will lengthen its distance because it was too short for them.

My classroom is full up with students’ works.

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