Monday, July 21, 2014

21st Jul. Okayama 2 岡山だぞ2

Okayama 2
7月21日 岡山だぞ2

Here is Okayama railroad station.

Okayama is famous for Momotarou, Peach Boy story.

Momotarou on a mailbox.

I bought new camera.

Around 11 o’clock we visited Bikanchiku district, an area of outstanding beauty, and

met Hiko and Noriko. Long time no see! He was working for CDU (Curriculum development Unit) in Tonga, so we were colleague.

After lunch,

We went sightseeing around the district.

The famous professional baseball team manager Senichi Hoshino was born in Okayama, I didn’t know.

Last time I came here, I got this cup, small one, for free but after that I broke it. This time, I bought big one.

Thank you for coming together. See you next time maybe in Nagano.

The most attractive thing which deeply fascinated us was YAMAnekoxile. SHAAAAAAH~~~

Around 5 PM, I got on the Shinkansen, I arrived at my house around midnight. Hahaha~

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