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19th Jul. Mt. Fuji 2  富士山だぞ2

Mt. Fuji 2
7月19日 富士山だぞ2

Around 2 AM, we woke up and

started climbing to the top.

After 2 hours,

we got there at last.(maybe around 3700m)

At the top of the mountain, everything is so expensive.

This hut is called YAMAGUCHI-YA (my family name), yet it’s not my relative.

Around 4:30 we were waiting for the sunrise but…
  4:30 ご来光を待っていましたが・・・

we couldn’t see it.

It’s OK, let me attach the movie file 2 years ago, last time I saw it.
[Movie] The Beautiful Sunrise 動画:(41 sec)

Following that, we ate hot noodles and then

we visited the post office. Of course this is the highest located post office in Japan.

The highest located shrine is under restoration.


The building used to be automated weather station before the satellite started working.

At last, we got to the very top of the Mt. Fuji. (3776m)

Yet…I think, this point is higher than the stone monument.

After that, we started walking around its crater. Last time I couldn’t do that because of deep snow.  

Around 8 AM, we started climbing down the mountain.

Although we caught rain on the way,

After 3 hours we arrived at the 5th station. It was very fine there.

Around noon, we visited the famous thick white noodles restaurant.

Of course it was delicious.

After taking a bath,

On the way, I decided my next plan and booked the bus ticket.

They dropped me off at the railway station.

I took the limited express to Tokyo and

around 8:30 PM, I took a midnight bus to my next destination. My life is so flexible.

The article last time I visited Mt. Fuji2

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