Sunday, March 30, 2014

30th Mar. Submergence 水没だぞ

3月30日 水没だぞ

It was raining heavily so I went to a barber instead of skiing. Then the terrible accident occurred.

After I had my hair cut, I tried to rush to a parking because I didn’t want to get wet. On the way, my mobile phone dropped from my pocket into a narrow side ditch. The current was strong so when I noticed it I couldn’t find it.
 My mobile phone always has a strap, but just yesterday it was broken. Darn!

I visited a docomo mobile phone company and got a temporary phone. Thanks to insurance I will be able to get the same mobile for free. I can get it tomorrow PM.

It time to change tires.

Washing cars is fun!

YAMANEKO's are ready.

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