Sunday, March 16, 2014

16th Mar. Thailand, Jordan, Israel and Dead Sea タイ・ヨルダン・イスラエル・死海だぞ

Thailand, Jordan, Israel and Dead Sea
3月16日 タイ・ヨルダン・イスラエル・死海だぞ

YAMANEKO photos have come from all parts of the world. Thank you so much! This time it came from Thailand, Jordan, Israel and Dead Sea.


Akikoさんより ヨルダン・イスラエル 死海  すみません。アップ遅くなりました・・・。
From Akiko.  16th Jan.2014
Here is YAMANEKO at Petra ruins in Jordan.

From Akiko.  16th Jan.2014
At Wailing Wall in Israel.

From Akiko.  16th Jan.2014
At Dead Sea.
  死海にて  山ネコは普通の海では沈みますが・・・ここでは?

Akikoさんより タイ  2014316
From Akiko.  16th Mar.2014
Here is YAMANEKO at Pattaya Beach in Thailand. Be careful not to swim because you are clay.

From Akiko.  16th Mar.2014
At Wat Po in Bangkok. What a big statue of Buddha!

From Akiko.  16th Mar.2014
At Ayutthaya. It used to be a capital of Thailand since 1350 to 1767.

 Today's article
I was very busy as well today so I went skiing.

I like bumps and I may participate in the competition of a bumpy slope next weekend. My ski season has entered its final phase.

I haven’t made YAMANEKO dolls for a long time. It was my first time to make it this year.

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