Sunday, December 22, 2013

22nd Dec. Next Day 次の日だぞ

Next Day
12月22日 次の日だぞ

This is my room.

I ate luxurious breakfast.

We visited Kobe port and

protection against disasters center.

I experienced the very big earthquake called Hanshin daishinsai, when I was in a high school. I looked back upon that terrible disaster.

After that I made pounding steamed rice into the dough used for rice cakes.

This is Kazamidori no Yakata.

One American’s house.

We saw a monkey show. That’s cute.

Just before we left Kobe, we visited a long-established restaurant and

we ate Kobe Beef at last. Although it cost US$40, it was very delicious.

Bye-bye Kobe. Yet, I will come here next week again.

When I came back to Nagano around 8 PM. I went skiing.

I cannot help skiing.

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