Sunday, December 1, 2013

1st Dec. Instructor Training 指導員研修だぞ

Instructor Training
12月1日 指導員研修だぞ

I visited Hakuba village to participate in a ski instructor’s training.

Although it’s 1st December, there is a lot of snow here.

Hakuba is famous for one of the main Nagano Olympics Game field in 1998.

At last I’ve started my ski season. More than 500 ski instructor came together from all over Nagano.

I learned this season’s teaching method. Of course, the basic points are not different from previous season.

After that, I visited my acquaintance of ski club, who is working for farm, and bought Chinese yams.

Lately, I use it to cook takoyaki and okonomiyaki. Yam makes them creamy.

Following that, I visited the car dealer and decided to buy a new car “CX-5”. It costs more than US$30,000, but I don’t care about it, because I’d like it and I have money.

It looks really nice. I'll be able to spend luxurious time since this winter.

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