Sunday, November 2, 2014

2nd Nov. Abacus & Mathematics Meeting 1 そろばん算数部会だぞ1

Abacus & Mathematics Meeting 1
11月2日 そろばん算数部会だぞ1

I visited Chino railway station to pick up soroban volunteer members. Although they appeared, they couldn’t go through a ticket gate at first, because Hirono left their train tickets in the train. Yet no one surprised at this situation because she always causes funny accidents.
  JR茅野駅にそろばんボランティアメンバーを迎えに行きました。彼らは現れましたが、最初改札を通れませんでした。Hironoさんが切符を電車に置いてきたのでした。でも誰も驚きません。Hironoさんはいつも面白いことをやらかしてくれるからです。笑 今回は飛行機を遅らせてもないし、足をぐねってもないし、舞台から転落もしてないし、Do you remember me? とも言ってないので、序の口レベルのアクシデントでした。

I took them to a lot of places. First we had lunch at Tamagoya Koubou in Suwa city.

At the mountain pass called Tsuetsuki Touge.

We enjoyed the median tectonic line.

The most attractive place seemed to be Komagane Training Center, because we had a volunteer training here before Tonga.

Oh, this is my panel. I remembered that I wrote this explanation and sent it to JICA with the picture when I was in Tonga.

Following that, we visited Kouzenji Temple and called on Hayatarou dog.

Finally, we came back to my house and ate grilled slices of meat and

takoyaki (a balled-shaped pancake).

We had a precious time.

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