Sunday, November 23, 2014

23rd Nov. Traveling with the members of school staff 職員旅行だぞ

Traveling with the members of school staff
11月23日 職員旅行だぞ

Although I have to entertain my parents, I was supposed to organize the trip of teachers. I was in charge of an organizer.

Our destinations are the world heritage Tomioka silk-thread manufacture factory,

Muzusawa-Kannon Shrine

and GATEAU FESTA HARADA, popular souvenir factory of snack in Gunma prefecture.

I made effort as an organizer.

At Mizusawa-Kannon, I bought the stuffed animal, LINE character Brown, for US7$. It’s very cheap.

After I came back home, we had a good dinner time. My parents visited the Zero magnetic point by my car Super Every. They got power there.

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