Tuesday, September 23, 2014

23rd Sep. 7777 7777だぞ

9月23日 7777だぞ

I jogged with playing LINR RANGER. Since I’m listening RUN KEEPER application in English while I jog I have to translate it into Japanese and calculate mile to km.  
  ラインレンジャーをしながら走りました。RUN KEEPERというアプリで英語を聞きながらやっているので、英語に慣れて日本語に訳しながら、距離のマイルを×1・6の暗算でキロメートルに計算しながら・・・

In addition I can train my body. What an efficient training!
 The plant, which I received at Mitsuru’s wedding party, are blooming now.

The meter of CX-5 showed 7777 km. My new car covered the distance in 8 months. 

The record is slower than usual, maybe because I have two cars.

I enjoyed shopping at some sports shops in Shiojiri and Matsumoto.

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