Wednesday, August 29, 2012

29th Aug. Practice Hard  猛練習だぞ

Practice Hard
8月29日  猛練習だぞ

My students are practicing dance not only in P.E class but also in an interval time.
      ↑the articles of Yosakoi dance in Tonga.

After school, I put another marks on the school grounds. It’s for the morning P.E class tomorrow. I have to move 640 students but I’m getting used to do it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

28th Aug. Dance  ダンスだぞ

8月28日  ダンスだぞ

We’ve started our dance for a sports day. This is Yosakoi dance. I used to do it in Tonga as one of Japanese cultures.
      the articles of Yosakoi dance in Tonga.

After school, I put marks on the school grounds. These help students to line up.

At dinner, I made steamed potato with butter. We call it Jagabata in Japanese. It was delicious.

Monday, August 27, 2012

27th Aug. Working in the swimming pool プール作業だぞ

Working in the swimming pool
8月27日  プール作業だぞ

My students help me very well. Good students!

Around 6 PM, I went into my school's swimming pool. Recently, some of my students were injured because of the strange sharp bolts so I needed to scrape it off with a file. The swimming pool was very comfortable even in the evening.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

26th Aug. PTA Work  PTA作業だぞ

PTA Work
8月26日  PTA作業だぞ

We had a PTA work today. I’m in charge of the chief of the activity, and I forgot to call the car that collects empty cans. Oiaue~

We have to keep a huge cans until the car comes. I’m sorry…

After PTA work, collecting empty bottles and empty cans, I had another work... Although it's Sunday, I was forced to work all day long, otherwise I cannot finish preparations for a sports day and the other PTA work. Come on! Japanese Life!!!! Yet this is Japan!!!!! I miss Tonga and America~~~~~

A cosmos in my classroom has bloomed.

My favorite Chinese noodles restaurant has changed to the other types of restaurant. It was also good.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

25th Aug. Teachers’ Meeting 集会だぞ

Teachers’ Meeting
8月25日  集会だぞ
Although it was Saturday, we had a meeting. Oh man! After that, we had a volleyball competition. My school used to get the first prize before I left for Tonga. Though we could not win the game this time, we had a very good time.

Friday, August 24, 2012

24th Aug. New Weapon 新兵器だぞ

New Weapon
8月24日  新兵器だぞ

We’ve started the preparation for a school concert. Yet, we have to concentrate in a sports day, because we have a sports day before the concert.

I made a special equipment to take away honeycombs. It can reach to a height of 5m.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

23rd Aug. Talking about the summer vacation 発表だぞ

Talking about the summer vacation
8月23日  発表だぞ

We are talking about what we did during the summer vacation. They seem to have had a good time.

They ran 80 m and I recorded it. I will classify my students into 2 groups, red and white, according to the record.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

22nd Aug. At Last ついに~!!だぞ

At Last
8月22日  ついに~!!だぞ

I took my camera back. Thank you for your help Melissa! Her boy friend, Philip, drew YAMANEKO picture. Wow!! Let me put it in my classroom.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

21st Aug. The beginning of the semester 2 始まりだぞ

The beginning of the semester 2
8月21日  始まりだぞ

The semester 2 has started today.

Our school lunch is delicious!

I cleaned a swimming pool with my students.

Weeds were growing well during the summer vacation.

I have to check a lot of homework.

Monday, August 20, 2012

20th Aug. Preparation 準備だぞ

8月20日  準備だぞ

We will start the second semester tomorrow, so I prepared a lot of things today. We practiced sewing for the special class that one teacher will take charge of next week. It seems to be proper for the students.

At lunch, I came back to my house once and made okonomiyaki, a meat and vegetable pancake. I don’t have to make my lunch anymore, because a school lunch will start tomorrow.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

19th Aug. The Second Ikejima Meeting (2) 第2回池島会だぞ(その2)

The Second Ikejima Meeting (2)
8月19日  第2回池島会だぞ(その2)

We got up late because all of us were completely hangover.
In the morning, I gave No. 371 YAMANEKO to Satoki, No. 372 to Ryouji, No.373 to Kenji and No. 374 to Yoshihiro.

We visited the Alps Azumino Park.

This playground equipment is attractive not only for kids but for an adult .
[Movie] Azumino Park動画:(17 sec)

There I gave No. 375 YAMANEKO to Munehiro and his family. They came from Miyazaki, where the first Ikejima meeting was held.

Around 4 o’clock, they came back to their place. Thank you for coming. See you next time!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

18th Aug. The Second Ikejima Meeting (1) 第2回池島会だぞ(その1)

The Second Ikejima Meeting (1)
8月18日  第2回池島会だぞ(その1)

Around noon, my childhood friends came together from Italy, Miyazaki, Tokyo, Saitama, Hyougo etc. Although all of us belonged to the same primary school in Osaka, nobody live in Osaka now. The second Ikejima Meeting was held in Azumino. The first one was in Miyazaki 5 years ago. The third one may be in Italy.

We visited the Daioh Horseradish Field, and then

We tasted its specialty  “horseradish juice”. They were supposed to be surprise at the terrible taste but unfortunately the taste changed to good. Oh man! 

We enjoyed sightseeing around the field.

We ate soba, buckwheat noodles, at Fujio-sansou restaurant, then…

We took a hot spring at the same restaurant. They were pleased.

After we came back my house, we talked and drank alcoholic drinks a lot until 4 AM. We had a very good time.

Friday, August 17, 2012

17th Aug. After a long time away 久しぶりだぞ

After a long time away
8月17日 久しぶりだぞ

I have not worked at my school for a long time. Even in the summer vacation, one teacher have to stay here as a day duty. I was on day duty today.

Our sponge gourds have reached to the 2nd floor.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

16th Aug. Usual Life 普段の生活だぞ

Usual Life
8月16日 普段の生活だぞ

I made a new recipe, stir-fried vegetables & pork with yogurt. It was so so…

I had mountains of washing to do.

I made two YAMANEKO dolls and then…

I went for an aggressive walk along the Jikkaseki weir.

We have a lot of places for an aggressive walk in Azumino.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

14th Aug. Japan 日本だぞ

8月14日 日本だぞ

After 10 hours flight, I got to Japan, but at that time, the date had already changed to 14th August, because of a time difference.

The food first I ate ,after I came back to Japan, was curry & rice.

After that, I visited Akihabara. There are a great many shops which sell the electric equipments. I wanted to buy my PC mouse and PC adapter. When I was in Tonga, Taki, who has a Buddha face and Buddha hand, used to fix it for me. I bought an extra one just in case. 

Because it was 7 o’clock, all shops were still closed so I went to Star bucks coffee.

I got these two items. Following that, I met….

Oh brother Kimu!!!! Long time no see! Let me explain, he is not a man of leisure. I visited Osaki station, where his workplace is nearby, and had lunch together for an hour. I’m glad to meet you.

This is the building, where his company is included.

Train comes every 3 minutes. Tokyo is advanced city in Japan.

This is all of my photos, which I took in America.