Tuesday, January 6, 2015

6th Jan. Lake Suwa 諏訪湖だぞ

Lake Suwa
1月6日 諏訪湖だぞ

When we ate breakfast, Marie said this type of coffer was very new for her. In Japan, it’s getting popular lately but I don’t like it because it takes long time to drink.

At last I finished writing the New Year’s card, and posted it. Thank you for waiting for my reply.

Stephen checked about their plan. I helped them to book bus.

I made okonomiyaki for them. It was delicious.

They may visit Osaka after Nagano. You should taste it in Osaka.

Around 2 o’clock, we left my house.

We moved to the lake Suwa and took foot spa there.

Around 5 PM, they departed Midoriko highway bus station to Tokyo once.Thank you for visiting me and enjoy the rest of your time in Japan.
  5時頃、みどり湖高速バス駅を一旦東京に向けて出ました。 来てくれてありがとうございました。残りの日本滞在を楽しんでくださ~い。

Oh, I missed the mileage number 11,111.

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