Saturday, March 28, 2015

28th Mar. Wedding Ceremony 結婚式だぞ

Wedding Ceremony
3月28日 結婚式だぞ

We moved to Matsumoto city by car. Of course it was very fine today.

We took taxi from Matsumoto railway station.

We arrived at our reception hall “Bright Garden” around 1 PM.

We received a lot of telegrams and gifts.

We displayed them at a reception.

Around 3:45, we held a wedding ceremony and

Around 5:00PM, we held a wedding reception. We invited about 80 guests to our party.
Because we were so busy that we couldn’t take photo. I’ll upload it later. Anyway it was marvelous wedding reception. Thank you very much.

My friends from Osaka ran the continuation of a wedding reception until midnight. It was also amazing party. Thanks a lot.

The seating order card of our wedding has been appeared in the Bright Garden Reception House’s homepage, maybe because it’s rare and fun.

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