Saturday, March 21, 2015

21st Mar. After a long time away 久しぶりにだぞ

After a long time away
3月21日 久しぶりにだぞ

After I worked at home in the morning, I moved to Kiso district.

We have a long-distance relay race tomorrow in Ina.

It was my first time to pass through the Gonbee Tunnel.

About 10 years have passed since last time I visited Yabuhara ski field, because

Youhei who is my friend since we were in our primary school sent a text message, which  says they would visit Yabuhara, in the morning.

I skied with his family. We got to the top of the mountain.

This is Mt. Ontake, which erupted last year.

Last time, in 2013, I had not met him for 20 years but this time it hasn’t been a long time. See you perhaps soon.

the article last time I met them.

After ski, I visited an old posting station called Narai-juku. These are cultural properties now. I haven’t visited here for 10 years.

It makes us slip back in time.

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