Saturday, October 25, 2014

25th Oct. Celebration of the 1000th article 祝!1000記事目だぞ

Celebration of the 1000th article
10月25日 祝!1000記事目だぞ

 This is the 1000th article of the Continuation of YAMANEKO’s diary 2. I’ve written a great many articles after I came back from Tonga, I thought I cannot write it as I was in Tonga but actually I continue writing blog, hahaha.

We found that the 6th grade students wrote comments to cheer for our concert. Thank you very much.

We had a very big opportunity to perform our play in front of local residents.

Although I have no time to take nice photos, all of my students did very well.

A lot of local teachers helped us. We really appreciate.

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